Leo Ochoa

Founder & CEO

Leo transformed his curiosity of how things are made to designing products that solve unique problems. Combining his experience developing footwear & apparel with designing health care products to create better solutions. Growing up watching friends and family members work jobs destroying their back health, drives his passion to create Dorsum. Always most excited about projects combining fabrics with hardware, Leo looks to create new forms of exploration.

Will Schuh

Will Schuh

Business Strategy & Operations

Will is a former D1 basketball player, Army Infantry Officer, strategy consultant, and longtime lower back pain sufferer with a passion for building teams and driving peak performance. He recently finished his Master’s in Sports Product Management at the University of Oregon, and has expertise in strategic planning, business development, and business model creation.  He joined Dorsum in September 2017 to help create the initial business plan and go-to-market strategy.

Steve McQuaide

Brand & Product Marketing

Steve is a life-long runner, outdoor enthusiast, and passionate marketer. After a decade-plus of retail and agency-side marketing experience, he felt detached from the products and companies he was representing and decided to pursue his Master’s degree in Sports Product Management at the University of Oregon. In search of a position that aligned to his values and catered to his passion for marketing, he joined the Dorsum team in July 2018 and has helped to refine the product concept, conduct market and consumer research, develop brand guidelines, and build out a web-presence for the brand.

Aaron McCready

Design & Manufacturing

Aaron vowed to combine the best of both Industrial Design and Engineering degrees into his career, and work on products that produce fun and value. Love of grand natural landscapes and challenging environments led him from automotive exterior design to outdoor product design. Today he resides near Lake Tahoe and combines an active lifestyle with designing products to help others enjoy the same.