DORSUM Exospine

Posture Enhancer

Flexible Back Support,

Eliminate Back Pain.

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Product Benefits

Repetitive motion puts enormous strain on your upper & lower back, which can in turn, lead to permanent injuries. The Dorsum Exospine effortlessly supports your back, follows your movement, and reminds you to maintain great posture to alleviate pain.

What our customers  say

I instantly felt relief. I feel like my posture is better, I feel like I’m taller. IT ACTUALLY FEELS REALLY GOOD! I’m surprised, I’m happy actually.

Martin / Senior Priority Responder, ServPro

It feels great, it’s pretty lightweight. I don’t feel restricted. The good feeling is the support in the middle of my back, which is great to help keep me upright.

Somer / Owner, Equine Boarding Facility

I feel like I can work a full day with this on, and it wouldn’t be bothersome. [Yet it would] help me maintain proper posture and help me do the job all day long.

Scott / Firefighter & Farmer

Product Features

Dorsum Exospine

Get 20% Off Your Pre-Order