Dorsum wins Small Business Internship Grant

As a brand, Dorsum stands for five core values: dependable, minimalistic, empowering, adaptable, and purposeful. We live our values daily in the decisions we make with regard to the products we’re creating and the people we have set out to help. Helping others is a major focus for our brand, and outside of creating products to maintain back health for an underserved community, we also want to create opportunities for underserved individuals in our own community. This is why we were so very excited to be awarded a small business internship grant from Emerging Leaders PDX and Prosper Portland.

This grant opportunity will make it easier for start-ups, like us at Dorsum, to bring on exceptional talent that will assist in purposeful work and empower them to gain the experience necessary to make their next career move. As a company whose founder is minority group member, it is very important to us to be a part of this internship program which truly supports diversity in the Portland workforce. It also allows us to provide these amazing internship candidates with an opportunity to make a difference, expand their skillset, and become set up for a successful career in the future.

We feel extremely honored to be among the 6 small businesses selected for the Diversity Internship Grant. Prosper Portland and Emerging Leaders International recognized that many small businesses were unable to afford interns and developed this grant program to split the costs associated with bringing on an intern between the small business and their organizations.

We will be sure to introduce you to our new intern as soon as we go through the interview stages and make a decision. We’re very much looking forward to adding to the team with a summer intern through the Emerging Leaders International organization!


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