Dorsum Accepted to Accelerate 2 Europe

As we’ve continued to build our business plan, discussions have explored global expansion and what might be necessary to launch our product in other countries. Thankfully, Dorsum was one of a ten US-based companies accepted to the Accelerate 2 Europe program through Invest in Bavaria.

This six month remote program allows US-based companies to learn the specifics of running a medical or biotech business in Germany and Europe. 6 instructional webinars teach US companies the details of doing business in Germany & the EU, including clinical trials, regulations, networking, data privacy, and establishing a business entity in Germany.

Eyes to the Future

It’s likely that it will be a while until Dorsum is truly ready for international expansion, but this accelerator program will give us the details needed to understand the nuances of doing business in the EU and plan effectively. Additionally, it helps to provide a framework that can be used as expansion research is conducted in additional regions like South and Central America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

We recognize that back pain is a global problem and one that needs our help. Our focus right now is establishing ourselves in the US, expanding our brand & product awareness, refining and extending our product lines, and exploring applications outside of the EMS/First Responder communities.

Our research has shown that, in addition to Health & Emergency Services, back pain and injuries are a major issue for warehousing & transportation, manufacturing, and construction industries, too. Soon, we will be testing the product in these industries to better understand how their needs differ from those of a First Responder.

What do you think?

Are there industries, occupations, or activities that you think need our attention? Can you see a product need for your life that we, perhaps, have not explored? Let us know in the comments below – we care to hear your story & experience!

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