2019 PIE Demo Day: Our Local Introduction

Pitch season continues!

On Pi day, March 14, Dorsum joined the rest of the PIE cohort for the 2019 PIE Demo Day to pitch our companies to a sold-out audience at the historic Aladdin Theatre in Portland, Or.

Fresh off his pitch at SXSW, Dorsum founder Leo Ochoa took the stage to present our company, its inspiration, vision and mission, and our introductory product, the BaseFLEX Pro, to a worldwide audience of investors and organizations interested in the Portland startup scene. The second big pitch opportunity for Leo since the beginning of March, he nailed the presentation with a personalized story of his experience as a wild land firefighter in the Columbia Gorge.

The feedback from those in attendance was overwhelmingly positive and refueled the passion and mission we have to solve the global problem of back pain. The presentation is embedded below, for those that were not able to attend PIE Demo Day.

So what’s next?

With the great positive and constructive feedback we received, we’re refining the pitch even further by building out areas that were cut due to time constraints, and nailing down our ask. Once this pitch is finalized, we will be meeting with potential investors and talking with companies to discover the best partnerships possible to help accelerate our development process and get this introductory product closer to being market-ready.

PIE Demo Day in the news


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