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The Dorsum BaseFLEX™ Pro is the first integrated postural alignment system designed for the demands of back-breaking work, empowering you to be the hero you are without the fear of back injury.

Features + Benefits


We believe that back health shouldn’t be restrictive. This belief led to the development of the Spring version of our SpineALIGN™ technology. Flexible yet supportive, the SpineALIGN™ Spring encourages neutral posture for repetitive bending, lifting, twisting and reaching – meaning you feel less fatigue and soreness after a long day of work.


Reducing or preventing lower back pain starts with aligning the upper spine. Our unique CrossTURE™ tension system allows you to adjust tension on the shoulders to prepare your body for repetitive motion activities.

Breathable Construction

The BaseFLEX™ is constructed using high-performance compression fabric with targeted ventilation areas keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Available in 2019

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