Dorsum Exospine Back Support Launch

The Launch – Blast Off!

We ended 2019 with a successful Kickstarter launch! The exact launch day was on November 19th at 12:00 noon and successfully raised close to 50% of our goal that first day. The campaign closed 30 days later on December 19th at midnight where we doubled our goal amount. Thank you to all our backers and supporters!

If you missed it, check out our campaign video!



Dorsum Exospine Back Support – Reducing the Risk of Back Injury

Flexible Back Support Posture Enhancer Keeping Your Back In The Right Position to Avoid Pain


To support the lower back, we envisioned a device that can be both flexible, yet supportive, and from that vision, we created the Dorsum™ Exospine.

It’s exactly as the name describes; a flexible exospine back support that enhances your posture and reminds you to keep your back in the right position and avoid pain.

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The support has a positive feedback loop and 3 points of contact on the spine: the upper, middle, and lower regions of the back.

The positive feedback loop that our brains create relies on multiple factors. If something feels good and you are rewarded for it, your brain will encourage you to seek out that feeling.

The same can be said of the body.

When it feels supported it will seek out the feeling to protect itself. When wearing the Dorsum™ Exospine your body is constantly reminded of proper movement and postural function. So when you take the product off, your body will “remember” to some extent those postural cues and be able to move and stabilize more properly without the product on, teaching you what better posture feels like.


The Number One Benefit

 The arc curvature in the front of the exospine is designed to support the lumbar region of your lower back, the most fragile area of your spine.


The Dorsum™ Exospine is focused on postural support and muscular activation. It is not trying to limit the body’s movement; rather, the Exospine encourages it to move properly throughout repetitive movements.

This back support posture enhancer is for those doing work that requires “hinge” movements. “Hinge” movement jobs are jobs/activities that require bending over and lifting movements that can cause an individual’s back to severely fatigued. The Dorsum Exospine is there to promote muscular activation so that posture can be maintained and overuse injuries limited.


The Dorsum™ Exospine is For

First Responders & Emergency Medical Services

Package handlers

Construction workers



Anyone that does repetitive movements as part of their daily activity.

We had an incredible amount of support through pre-orders from individuals and companies from around the world and can’t wait for you to experience it yourself. If you missed it, you can still jump on this great opportunity to improve your back health and avoid pain. You can pre-order on Indemand on Indiegogo.

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